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Ordering BDL Distributed Product

Orders for all BDL products are submitted to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MLL) order office. Please visit https://css.mbll.ca to place an order or reach out to the Liquor Contact Centre at 204-474-5500 or via email at LiquorContactCentre@mbll.ca for more information regarding ordering.

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Manitoba Service Standards

BDL provides ALL* customers within the province of Manitoba delivery of all brewery products distributed by BDL to the customer’s primary acceptance area. All customers are assigned specific delivery days. In order for BDL to effectively deliver, all orders must be placed before 11:00 a.m. two (2) business days prior to the scheduled delivery day.

Also, BDL will pick up from customer locations all properly prepared empty cans, bottles, kegs, pallets and mega-bins distributed by BDL and return them to our warehouse at no charge to the customer. These returns normally take place with each weekly full goods delivery or on a basis convenient to both rural carrier and customer.

These standards represent our “base level” of customer service; however, we continue to strive to exceed this standard in order to meet our customer’s needs while maintaining a highly efficient distribution system which minimizes impact on product pricing.

*with the exception of a small number of isolated or remote locations

BDL Customer Bill of Rights

As a valued BDL customer, you have the right to expect the service levels indicated below and throughout this guide. Should we ever fall short of these expectations, please contact the BDL Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-661-2337K87N8hDcQTTKKFTioSxqB8Q2BNX5JtAljwgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== or BDL@BDL.ca.

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Order/Shipping Policies

All customers are assigned a specific delivery day, which is the day that the customer’s product arrives at their location.
The delivery day for rural customers is determined by the common carrier schedules and is at least two business days after the order cut off date. (Example: Wednesday deliveries must place orders by Monday at 11:00 a.m.) The delivery day should be consistent throughout the year, except on statutory holidays. Please contact BDL or your rural carrier for further information.

All orders received and entered into the MLL ordering system by 11:00 a.m. will be processed and transmitted to BDL that working day. Orders arriving subsequent to this deadline is processed with orders received on the next working day.

Minimum Order Quantities

BDL will provide no charge delivery, once a week, to all customers in Manitoba on orders equal to or greater than:

  • 50 dozen bottles or cans or
  • 2 kegs plus 10 dozen bottles or cans

A delivery charge of $75.00 is assessed for orders less than the minimum order quantity. These minimums do not apply to add on orders. There is a possibility of additional charges if the licensee requests more than one delivery per week. Please contact either BDL or your rural carrier for more information.

Statutory Holidays

Statutory holidays will impact your regular delivery schedule and will be communicated in advance.

In order to maintain the highest degree of shipping continuity, BDL requests that customers bulk up orders if a holiday falls on your regular scheduled delivery day
BDL may be closed for the following holidays:


New Year’s Day Good Friday
Louis Riel Day Canada Day
Victoria Day Labour Day
Civic Holiday National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Thanksgiving Day Remembrance Day
Christmas Day Boxing Day

For further delivery information during those weeks where a statutory holiday occurs, licensees are asked to contact the BDL Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-661-2337K87N8hDcQTTKKFTioSxqB8Q2BNX5JtAljwgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.
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Delivery Policies

The method of delivery will vary with the receiving facilities available at each licensed premise. In general, delivery consists of placement of the product inside the premises into an area identified by BDL. This “primary acceptance area” will normally be within 30 feet of the rear of the vehicle. In the case of wheeler delivery, the wheeled route will be at grade level, free from curbs or other impediments, and provide a minimum clearance of thirty-eight inches wide by seventy-eight inches high (38″x78″).

Delivery Acceptance

  • Deliveries will only be made when and where a representative of the customer is present to receive the product and sign the delivery documents.
  • If a customer refuses delivery when offered for any reason the carrier will retain the product. The customer will be later contacted and asked whether the order should be re-delivered (a re-delivery charge may apply) or canceled.
  • The carrier is only responsible to supply one person on a truck and it is that person’s responsibility to place the BDL product in, or on a device connected to the Primary Acceptance Area, which is inside the customer’s first doorway. Deliveries will only be made to primary acceptance areas that are at ground level, unless safe and appropriate ramps, elevators, or lift devices are provided by the customer.
  • Customer delivery receiving facilities such as keg chutes, conveyors, ramps, lifts must be kept clean and in good repair by the customer in order to prevent injury to delivery and receiving personnel or damage to product or to carrier’s equipment.
  • All facilities must comply with Provincial safety standards and any deficiencies must be corrected at the customer’s expense. Refusal to correct deficiencies may result in the temporary suspension of BDL’s delivery service.
  • The Licensee will be responsible for the supply and care of any supports required to bridge the distance from the delivery vehicle to the designated storage area.
  • To maintain a highly efficient distribution system which minimizes impact on product pricing, BDL, its rural carriers, and licensees must work together to complete deliveries in a timely manner. The established standard handling rate for both full goods and empty containers is 640 dozen per hour. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient manpower or specialized equipment if required on site to achieve this standard.

Delivery Impediments

In general, the customer is responsible for any and all delivery impediments. When the carrier is unable to effect delivery because of impediments the order shall be retained by the carrier. The customer will be contacted and asked whether the order should be re-delivered (a special delivery charge may be incurred). Delivery impediments include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive snow, ice, water, grease and any other material inhibiting safe and reasonable movement between the carrier’s truck and the primary acceptance area.
  • Unattended vehicles or equipment blocking delivery access.
  • Laneways or ramps that cannot be reasonably or safely navigated by normal delivery vehicles.
  • Blockage of delivery access due to municipal or private construction or maintenance.
  • City or Municipal by-laws which prevent normal delivery.
  • Access doorways blocked on the inside (ie. garbage bags, boxes, etc.)

Keg Delivery

Recognizing that special handling and care is required, full kegs will be placed into coolers. At non-palletized delivery Licensees, kegs will be wheeled into the cooler, passed through a chute or lowered into the basement with a keg rope. The Licensee, if required, will perform double decking of kegs. BDL or common carriers will accept empty kegs as they are passed to them on the truck, or where necessary, wheel empty kegs from designated ground floor storage areas. Access routes from rear door area to keg cooler must be clear of all delivery impediments.

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Minimum Order Requirements

Min. Order Requirement MB Fee
Packaged Goods Only 50 dozen
Kegs Only 3 x 59L kegs $75.00 + tax
Mixed Order
(i.e. Packaged+Kegs)
Equivalent of
3 x 59L kegs


Customer Service Directory

Issue Region Contact Phone Number
Ordering All Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Contact Centre 204-474-5500
BDL Customer Service & Delivery All BDL Customer Contact Centre Phone: 1-800-661-2337K87N8hDcQTTKKFTioSxqB8Q2BNX5JtAljwgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== Email: BDL@BDL.ca
Address Directory
BDL Customer Contact Centre
280 Sovereign Road
London ON N6E 1P5
Brewers Distributor Ltd
Unit 300 – 1370 Sony Place
Winnipeg MB R3T 1N5

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