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One of our key objectives is to improve the quality and accessibility of service to our customers. What could be better than beer ordering on-line – no phone calls, faxes or waiting for confirmation. With the Web you have direct and immediate access.

The Internet ordering facility is secure, and fully interactive, providing real-time inventory visibility, cumulative order value and package totals, an instant and printable acknowledgment, and much more. We have added features to ensure it is simple and quick to use and an Internet ordering training guide is linked to the web site for your referral if needed. Our web site and on-line ordering facility is accessible 7 days a week with minimal down time (Monday to Friday midnight until 1:30 a.m. and Saturday 6 p.m. until Sunday noon Mountain time) for system maintenance.

Online Order System


Machine-to-machine (M2M) Ordering

For customers who have Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, BDL offers the option to transmit an order file generated from the customer’s POS and send it via the web to BDL where it is processed through our Sales Order system. A confirmation file is sent back to the customer’s POS to complete the process.
For more information on this option please contact BDL Customer Service at 1-800-661-2337

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BDL is proud to announce its partnership with Versapay to have the ability to pay for orders placed online.
British Columbia and Saskatchewan only.

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