Order User Guide

One of our key objectives is to improve the quality and accessibility of service to our customers. What could be better than beer ordering on-line – no phone calls, faxes or waiting for confirmation. With the Web you have direct and immediate access.

The Internet ordering facility is secure, and fully interactive, providing real-time inventory visibility, cumulative order value and package totals, an instant and printable acknowledgment, and much more. We have added features to ensure it is simple and quick to use and an Internet ordering training guide is linked to the web site for your referral if needed. Our web site and on-line ordering facility is accessible 7 days a week with minimal down time (Saturday 6 p.m. until Sunday noon Mountain time) for system maintenance.

Internet Ordering Registration

Take advantage of this technology and register now by completing our on-line registration form.
BDL will acknowledge your registration by return e-mail confirmation or telephone call within 24 hours.

Internet Ordering… 4 simple steps!

You must place orders on your scheduled order day by cut off, for delivery on your scheduled delivery day. Any unusual orders such as self pick up, add on orders, emergency delivery or special events – must still be placed by calling the order desk at 1-800-661-2337.

Step 1
Product Catalogue – Key in quantities beside each product you wish to order and Click on “Add to Pending Order” after all items have been entered. The items will then highlight in BLUE.
Step 2
View – View your order to ensure accuracy and make any necessary changes.
Step 3
Verify – This step involves committing the inventory, and any out of stocks will be highlighted.
Step 4
Submit Order & Print – You will be presented with an Order number and your final order values. Please print your order confirmation or click on the E-mail button for return order confirmation.

Saved Order Functionality

For your convenience you may click on the “Save Order” button after you have entered quantities on the Product Catalogue and clicked “Add to Pending Order”. By saving & naming this order, you have the ability to easily recall this order the next time you log on to place a beer order. This will save you time, in that you do not have to re-enter quantities for all items, you can simply make modifications to the saved order and then verify and submit it.

If you require further assistance, please click on the On Line Ordering Guide link below or contact the Order Desk at 1-800-661-2337