Social Responsibility

Responsible Consumption

BDL strongly supports the initiatives of its shareholders and other brewers with whom we partner to promote responsible consumption of their product.

Health and Safety is the responsibility of all BDL employees. No employee should work or act in a manner that could cause injury to themselves, to customers or damage to equipment or property. BDL strongly supports and enforces a “Zero Tolerance Policy” with respect to alcohol or illegal drug consumption during business hours.

If you should suspect the above “Zero Tolerance Policy” is not being adhered to, please contact the Manager, Customer Service at 1-800-661-2337

Environmental Responsibility

BDL is dedicated to continue to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and is an industry leader in this area.

Examples of how BDL operates as a leader in this area include:

Consumables – materials used in daily operations such as plastic shrink wrap used in shipping and cardboard beer cases are recycled. Pallets are collected, repaired if required, and re-used. All BDL branches participate in local paper recycling programs.

Empty Containers Handling – aluminum cans are collected, crushed and sent to Alcoa for recycling. Bottles and kegs are collected and returned to brewers for re-use. From year to year BDL’s return rate for bottles continues to lead the industry around the world.

Community Relations

BDL employees are proud to support the community throughout the year by participating in various charitable programs. A few that have benefited from employee participation include:

Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
Canadian Cancer Society
Alberta Lung Association
Alberta Children’s Wish Foundation
Make a Wish Foundation of Canada