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Saskatchewan Service Standards

BDL provides ALL* customers within the province of Saskatchewan NO CHARGE** delivery of all brewery products to the customer’s primary acceptance area. All customers are assigned a scheduled delivery day by BDL. To ensure delivery, orders must be placed and paid for (by cash and online banking customers) no later than 1:00 p.m. 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery day.
(* with the exception of a small number of isolated locations; ** based on minimum order quantities)

These standards represent our “base level” of customer service; however, we continue to strive to exceed this standard in order to meet our customers’ needs while maintaining a highly efficient distribution system which minimizes impact on product pricing.

As a valued BDL customer, you have the right to expect the service levels indicated below and throughout the Customer Service Standards Guide. Should we ever fall short of these expectations, please contact our Call Centre at 1-800-661-2337 or email for resolution.

Customer Service support for all order business-to-business inquiries through our Customer Contact Centre.
Correct products ordered, picked, and delivered in good condition.
Pleasant and courteous drivers.
Prompt and efficient response by all BDL employees to any customer inquiries.
Safe and attentive service at warehouses when completing self-pick up orders.
Timely resolution to any customer concerns.

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Order/Shipping Policies

All customers are assigned a specific delivery day. The delivery day should be consistent throughout the year, except statutory holidays.

Customers must order and pay (cash or online customers) no later than 1:00 pm 48 hours prior to their scheduled delivery day.

Minimum Order Quantities

BDL will provide no charge delivery, to all customers in Saskatchewan, on orders equal to or greater than:

1. Packaged product only — $1400
2. Kegs only — $300
3. Mixed order — $850

A delivery charge of $75.00 will be assessed for orders less than the minimum order quantities described above. Minimum order quantities do not apply to add on orders.

Emergency Orders

BDL provides an “Emergency Order” system for customers, which is initiated by, placing the order via Beer for Business and informing that it is an emergency order. This is intended to expedite the delivery of orders which, due to unusual circumstances, have not been placed or processed early enough for normal delivery to occur. You must also contact the BDL Contact Centre and advise them of your requirements. Where possible, we request these orders be for full pallet same brand or just draught.

While BDL will attempt to deliver these orders as soon as possible, it is not always possible to deliver orders on short notice and customers are advised not to delay placing orders.

Statutory Holidays

Statutory holidays will impact your regular delivery schedule and will be communicated in advance.
In order to maintain the highest degree of shipping continuity, BDL requests that customers bulk up orders if a holiday falls on your regular scheduled delivery day.

Personal Pick Up of Product

Pick-up orders can be placed in Beer for Business directly. Orders will be available for pick up after 4 hours of order placement and payment up until 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Note: Certain Highway Traffic Board regulations may apply to these pick-ups. Please check with your nearest Highway Traffic Board office for further information.

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Order Payment

Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority regulations require that all products be paid for prior to shipment.

Option Details Contact
Pre-Authorized Debit Customer establishes a pre-authorized payment with BDL 1-866-352-6088
Internet/Telephone Banking If you are a client of one of the following financial institutions (Bank of Montreal, Credit Unions, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank or TD Canada Trust) you may pay your beer orders using their services. Payments are not posted to BDL until the following business day, therefore your order & payment must be made 72 hours prior to your scheduled delivery day. 1-866-352-6088
VersaPay Credit card payment is available to customers ordering via the Internet. For information contact VersaPay at 1-866-999-8729 1-866-999-8729VersaPay

To further discuss payment options, contact Accounts Receivable at 1-866-352-6088
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Delivery Policies

The customer is responsible for any and all delivery impediments. When the carrier is unable to deliver because of impediments the order shall be retained by the carrier. The customer will be contacted and asked whether the order should be re-delivered or to arrange a personal pick up time. Re-delivery will incur a special delivery charge and delivery will occur when logistically possible. Delivery impediments include, but are not limited to:

Excessive snow, ice, water and any other material inhibiting safe and reasonable movement between the carrier’s truck and the primary acceptance area.
Unattended vehicles or equipment blocking delivery access.
Blockage of delivery access due to municipal or private construction or maintenance.
City or Municipal by-laws which prevent normal delivery.

Delivery Acceptance

Deliveries will only be made when and where a representative of the customer is present to receive the product and sign the delivery documents.
If a customer refuses delivery when offered for any reason the carrier will retain the product. The customer will be later contacted and asked whether the order should be re-delivered or cancelled. Re-delivery will incur a special delivery charge and delivery will occur when logistically possible. If the order is cancelled and a credit is issued, the customer is responsible for the freight charge on the return of the product.
The carrier is only responsible to supply one person on a truck and it is that person’s responsibility to place the BDL product in the Primary Acceptance Area, which is inside the customer’s first doorway. Deliveries will only be made to primary acceptance areas that are at ground level, unless safe and appropriate ramps are in place. Where elevators or lift devices are provided by the customer, it is the carrier’s responsibility to place BDL product on the elevator or lift.
For delivery to establishments located in malls and/or strip malls with no direct outside entry into the licensed premise, it is the responsibility of the licensee to provide manpower to accept delivery at the mall entrance.
Where a gravity conveyor/roller is used the customer must provide manpower to accept delivery at the foot of the conveyor/roller. The carrier’s responsibility will end with placing the product onto the head of the conveyor/roller.
Delivery will only be made to the customer’s regular premise as indicated on the Bill of Lading
Customer delivery receiving facilities such as keg chutes, conveyors, ramps, lifts must be kept clean and in good repair by the customer in order to prevent injury to delivery and receiving personnel or damage to product or to carrier’s equipment.
All facilities must comply with Provincial safety standards and any deficiencies must be corrected at the customer’s expense. Refusal to correct deficiencies may result in the temporary suspension of BDL’s delivery service until such deficiencies have been satisfactorily corrected.
Please ensure the delivery is correct in both quantity and product.
To maintain a highly efficient distribution system which minimizes impact on product pricing, BDL, its rural carriers, and licensees must work together to complete deliveries in a timely manner. The established standard handling rate for both full goods and empty containers is 640 dozen per hour. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient manpower or specialized equipment if required on site to achieve this standard. Customers that do not meet this standard may be subject to additional demurrage costs by the carrier of BDL.

Notification of Shipping Errors

When product is delivered, the customer is required to verify with the driver that all products have been received. Any errors in shipments are to be noted on the Bill of Lading and signed by both the customer and the driver.

All shipping errors are to be reported to BDL within 24 hours or the next business day by one of the following methods:

1. Submitting the Beer for Business Account Request form (
2. Emailing a copy of the Bill of Lading to

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Minimum Order Requirements

Min. Order Requirement SK Fee
Packaged Goods Only $1,400.00
Kegs Only $300.00 $75.00 + tax
Mixed Order
(i.e. Packaged+Kegs)

Customer Service Directory

Phone Number
BDL Customer Contact Centre Phone: 1-800-661-2337K87N8hDcQTTKKFTioSxqB8Q2BNX5JtAljwgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== Email:
Accounts Receivable 1-866-352-6088
Address Directory
BDL Customer Contact Centre
280 Sovereign Road
London ON N6E 1P5
Regina Distribution Centre
400 Dewdney Avenue East
Regina SK S4P 3G7
Saskatoon Distribution Centre
2630A Jasper Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7J 2K2

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