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For Import Product Pallet Configurations please download a copy of the full Customer Service Standards Manual.

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British Columbia Service Standards

BDL provides all* customers within the Province of BC, delivery of all brewery products distributed by BDL to the customer’s primary acceptance area on their scheduled delivery day(s). Any order placed and paid for before 12:00 Noon (PST) 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery day, will be shipped from BDL, as per your next scheduled delivery day.
Additionally, BDL will pick up all properly prepared empty containers (including mixed containers) and kegs, originally supplied by BDL, from a customer location and return them to our warehouse at no charge to the customer upon completion of each full goods delivery.

The foregoing is our “base level” of customer service, however, we will continually strive to exceed this standard in order to best meet our customers’ needs while, at the same time, maintaining a highly efficient distribution system which minimizes impact on product pricing.

*with the exception of a small number of isolated or remote locations

As a valued BDL customer, you have the right to expect the service levels indicated below.

  • Customer Service support for all business-to-business inquiries through our Customer Contact Centre.
  • Correct products ordered, picked, and delivered in good condition.
  • BDL city drivers who are neat in appearance and wearing company uniforms.
  • Pleasant and courteous drivers, both BDL and common carriers.
  • Every effort will be made to contact customers, if delivery will be late due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Prompt and efficient response by all BDL employees to any customer inquiries.
  • Safe and attentive service at BDL warehouses when completing self-pick up orders.
  • Timely resolution to any customer concerns.
  • Empty containers picked up promptly with each scheduled delivery.

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Order Policies

General Order Placement

Beer orders may be placed via our Beer for Business to ordering system.

For further information regarding ordering, please call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-661-2337 or Email bdl@bdl.ca during the hours of 5am-5pm PT.

Guidelines For Placing Your Order

Pick-up orders can be placed in Beer for Business [insert hyperlink to https://www.beerforbusiness.ca] directly. Orders will be available for pick up the business day after placement and payment up until 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-661-2337 the day before pickup to inform of pick up.

Products are to be ordered using BDL’s article number or by Canadian Standard Product Code. Wherever possible, customers are requested to order full pallets or full layer quantities to ensure order accuracy and facilitate counting at time of delivery. Included on this site are the pallet and layer configurations for full goods product. For your convenience, our customer service representatives will assist you in placing your order.

Lead Time

In order to ensure delivery of product on your scheduled delivery day, orders must be placed and paid for by 12:00 noon (PST) , 48 business hours in advance of your assigned shipping day.

Emergency or Late Orders

Customers who occasionally find themselves in short supply of product or have missed their normal order day, have the option of placing a pick up order or an off day delivery order by contacting the BDL Customer Contact Centre.

Out of Stock Products
Occasionally customers may order products that are out of stock.

Alternative products may be ordered through The Beer for Business catalogue where other pack sizes, type and brewer product line will be listed.

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Order Payment

Order Payment Options

BC Liquor regulations dictate that payment in full is required prior to order shipment.

Option Details Contact
Pre-Authorized Debit Customer establishes a pre-authorized payment with BDL 1-866-352-6088
Internet/Telephone Banking If you are a client of one of the following financial institutions (Bank of Montreal, Credit Unions,
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank or TD Canada Trust) you may
pay your beer orders using their services.
Payments are not posted to BDL until the following business day, therefore your order & payment must be made 72 hours prior to your scheduled delivery day.
VersaPay Credit card payment is available to customers ordering via the Internet. For information contact VersaPay at 1-866-99 1-866-999-8729

Credit on Account

Credits from the return of empty containers and full goods adjustments will be credited to your account for use on future beer orders.

Outstanding Debt

Customers with any balance outstanding from previous beer orders, will not receive further deliveries until the outstanding balance and the value of any current orders are paid.

Note: If you have any questions regarding your payment options, please contact our Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-661-2337.

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Delivery Policies

Delivery Acceptance

Delivery Acceptance

1. Deliveries will only be made to primary acceptance areas that are at ground level, unless safe and appropriate ramps, elevators or lift devices are provided by the customer.
2. Deliveries will only be made when and where a representative of the customer is present to receive the product and sign the delivery documents.
3. If a customer refuses delivery when offered, for any reason, including not being present personally or via a bona fide representative, no payment, etc., the carrier will retain the product. The customer will subsequently be contacted and asked whether the order should be redelivered or canceled and if appropriate a credit issued. Re-delivery will occur as soon as logistically possible.
4. Should the customer require, the following services will be made available at time of delivery.
Deliver and place product as requested by customer, within reason;
Double stack kegs of BDL distributed products while maintaining correct freshness code rotation in cooler when necessary and safe to do so;
Pick up and return empty containers and pallets with each delivery
5. Delivery will only be made to the customer’s regular premise indicated on the Bill of Lading.
6. Customer delivery receiving facilities such as keg chutes, conveyors, ramps, lifts, etc. must be kept clean and in good repair by the customer in order to prevent injury to delivery and receiving personnel or damage to product or to carrier’s equipment.

Delivery Impediments

The customer is responsible for any and all delivery impediments. When the carrier is unable to affect delivery due to such impediments, the order shall be retained by the carrier. The customer will subsequently be contacted and asked whether the order should be redelivered or cancelled and if appropriate a credit issued. Re-delivery will occur when logistically possible.

Delivery impediments include, but are not limited to:

1. Snow, ice, water and any other material or condition inhibiting safe and reasonable movement between carrier’s truck and primary acceptance area.
2. Unattended vehicles or equipment blocking delivery access.
3. Blockage of delivery accesses due to municipal or private construction or maintenance.
4. City or Municipal by-laws which prevent normal delivery.

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Minimum Order Requirements

Min. Order Requirement Order Threshold In Dollars ($) Fee
Packaged Goods Only $340.00
Kegs Only $260.00 Order amount under threshold cannot be submitted –
Must meet minimum requirement
Mixed Order
(i.e. Packaged+Kegs)


Customer Service Directory

customer service

Phone Number
BDL Customer Contact Centre 1-800-661-2337 Email: BDL@BDL.ca
Address Directory
BDL Customer Contact Centre

280 Sovereign Road
London ON N6E 1P5
Port Coquitlam Warehouse
1711 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam BC V3C 0B6

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